Attendance Matters

Whether your child is in Nursery or in Year 6, good attendance at St John’s is important. Although a day missed from school here and there might feel like nothing serious, it is important to put into perspective that 10 days of school absence will result in approximately 50 lessons being missed.  If children are absent from school then they are missing out on crucial learning and gaps in their learning will form, which will make it harder for them to learn new skills, new knowledge and new concepts.  Furthermore, regular absence from school could also lead to low self-esteem and insecure friendships which will impact on their mental health.  The graphic below shows the impact of poor attendance in Secondary School on their chances of securing GCSEs.  Therefore, if regular poor attendance occurs in Primary School and continues into Secondary, then life chances are significantly impacted.  We all have a role to play in ensuring that children have good attendance.  If you would like to discuss your child’s attendance with school to see how we together can support your child then please contact the school office on and ask for an appointment with either Mr Horleston (Headteacher) or Mrs de la Croix (Assistant Headteacher and SENCO).  

Below you will find listed our documents regarding attendance for your information.