General Data Protection Regulation

Data Protection 
We highly value and protect all of our student, parents and staff data and will update all practices and procedures to keep up-to-date with current data protection regulations.
For further information about GDPR please visit the ICO website.

The school has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to oversee the way that the school handles data and ensure that requests for data are dealt with in accordance with GDPR.

Any subject access requests (SAR), Freedom of Information requests (FOI) and queries you have about the way in which your data is handled should be made by contacting our DPO via email on  For further information, please visit

Emailing information about events led by the Parish of Digswell
St John’s Church of England Primary School is supported by the Parish of Digswell, which consists of three local churches: Digswell Village Church, Christ the King Haldens and St John the Evangelist.  There is a history of support both ministerial and financial.  St John’s Church of England Primary School is classified as not only a Church school but also a community focused school.  Therefore, as a community relies on the inter co-operation of all parties, the Governing Body reached the conclusion that it is in the interest of the community, of which pupils, parents and teachers are members of, that they are informed of church led events.