Welcome to St John’s CofE Digswell

We are sure at this moment in time, you are researching many schools locally before deciding on your preferred choice of school. As this is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your child, it is a pleasure to introduce you to our school, where we live and breathe our aspirations ‘to soar on wings like eagles’ to succeed (Isaiah 40:31). You will find that we are a church school with a sharp vision, universally accepted values, and high standards. We pride ourselves on providing a first-class school experience for every member of our school community through a professional and business-like approach. This is achieved by creating a nurturing environment that is truly inclusive and in setting high expectations for all staff, pupils, parents, and carers.

We are a forward-thinking school that is always looking to improve by engaging positively and proactively with school improvement services and external agencies. Additionally, we believe in learning from others, whether it is from other schools or recent research that informs best practice. Our honest and thorough approach enables an accurate understanding of our own school performance which is complimented by our ability to identify the areas to improve. Our continued growth as a school is a result of our relentless drive and energy.

Although our school facilities and resources are fantastic and well maintained, we believe that the special ingredient to a successful time in Primary school is the partnership between home and school. We are rightly accountable for your child achieving their potential in all aspects of life e.g., academic, sport and personal development. However, this accountability is jointly owned, and your contributions are just as important to this fruitful journey. Therefore, to work successfully in partnership, it is important to establish trust, respect, understanding, commitment, and transparency. It is essential that the school is supported by following our set policies and by ensuring that learning is reinforced and further consolidated at home. However, do not just take our word for it, you are strongly encouraged to find out for yourselves what our school is all about by having a detailed look through our school website; taking a virtual tour of our school by clicking here and talking to current parents and carers who send their children to our school.

If after doing so, you would like to attend one of our open morning sessions or would like to arrange an appointment with a member of our Leadership Team, then please contact the school office on 01438 714283.