Severe Weather

Serious Weather Conditions - School Closures

Occasionally it is necessary to close the school because of serious weather conditions e.g. heavy snowfall and icy conditions.  The school may also need to close if there are problems with plumbing e.g. a burst pipe or a heating failure.

The decision to close a school rests with the Headteacher and depends on local conditions as well as the availability of school staff.

It may be possible to get your child to school, but if staff cannot travel safely, it may still be necessary to close (not all staff live locally and catering supplies may not be available etc.)

Where possible the decision to close the school will be made by 7.30 am and you will be informed via email through Arbor as well as posting information on our social media pages. Please ensure that your primary email address and mobile telephone number are up to date on our system as if not you will not receive a notification.  If you wish to share the communication on your class WhatsApp group then please feel free to do so.

Please do not telephone the school as the likelihood is that there will not be any members of staff available to answer the phone if we have closed the school.